Thursday, June 24, 2010


For school I thought it would be fun if we tried to make our own handsoap. Okay, so we didn't start from complete scratch! We got some generic soap from Garden of Francis, an online Homeschool, Montessori & Homemaking store.

Their soaps are all safe and easy to use even with young children. You can choose vegetable oil or animal fats.

The girls and I had a blast melting the soap and adding color, scents, and a few exfoliants that we had picked up from Michaels earlier.

When you order the soap it also comes with a basic soap making booklet that gets you started on the right track. The girls want to sell a few of their creations on my Etsy site as well as using them as gifts.

We decided to also do a give away. Please leave in the comments what your favorite soaps are. Deadline is July 10th. Winner will be picked at random on July 11th, and notified by email.

The soap and booklet that it came with.

Here are the girls grating and stirring the soap so it will melt and we can reshape it.

And then of course we had to try out the soap to make sure it works!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Scrapbook For My Mom. . .

So, I made a scrapbook for my mom filled with fun little pictures of the girls through out the last year. I found this cute little box on sale somewhere eons ago and though that this would be the perfect project for it. (I actually made on for Erik's mom as well but I included all her kids and their families)

I bought the 12 x 12 pages of paper and cut them to the right size. I used an ink pad and kind of scuffed up the edges of the paper to give it a little more dimension. I then used my eyelet setter and set 2 eyelets on each side of the paper, except for the first and last page they only got one set. I then used ribbon to tie the pages together to make it into an accordion. I put the pictures on, did a little bit of journaling added some embellishments and. . . .Voila! It's done!

Here is the front of the scrapbook I added the title with rub-on letters and tied the ribbon to the handle.

This is a side view and the front of the box opened up. Again all lettering is done with rub-ons and the flower is an embellishment that I bought already put together!
Here are some of the pages pulled out of the box, you can see the accordion effect.

These next few pages are some samples of the actual pages inside the album that I scanned. This is the first page. It's our last family photo that we had taken, about 2 years ago. My husband is missing-he was working, and other brothers are now married and more kids have been added but it was a pretty good picture. I like it, so it went in. You can see the ribbon on the bottom of the photo, that is the pull to pull all the pictures out.

These two pages are of my girls with our cat Brandy. my mom loves animals as much as my girls and I do so I had to include these. After all the cat is part of the family, right?

Here are the girls looking pretty in dresses that my mom bought them for their birthdays!!!

Here is a spread of the girls at the park. We love the park and living ion California we can go all the time! We have a lot of pictures at different parks around us.

This last one is from free comic book day. Free comic book day is when all the comic book stores across the nation are given a ton of comic books from the publishers to give a way free to customers to promote new series, or whatever. It usually happens in May the first weekend after the newest comic book movie release. My husband is a big fan of comic books, so it is a family tradition to attend each year. Last year the girls wanted to dress up, Mia used her Halloween costume from the year before and I made Emma's batgirl costume, in two days I might add!

Friday, February 6, 2009


Welcome to my crafting blog! I started this blog as a way to keep track of the crafting projects I have completed and what I did with them, who got what as a gift and what I sold. This way I don't have to rely on my memory to keep track of who got what present. This should make all of you who receive gifts from me able to rest easier--no more multiple gifts of the same thing! ;)

But I want to make this blog so much more. I want this to be the place where you, the reader can come and get ideas, ask for help, and share your crafting projects!

Don't be shy! Jump right in and tell us a little bit about yourself, what you like to craft, what questions you have, and what tips you have to offer others!!! Jump right in and make a comment!!!

Now let's get crafting!!!!